Hope to see you all!

Our Prices

$899.00Room No outside window$200.00
$949.00Room with a obstructed window$200.00
$1,299.00 Ocean views$200.00
$1,699.00 Balcony$200.00

If the prices seem high at first, take into account the inclusiveness of meals and entertainment, its actually very reasonable. I hope we can all make it.
Because we are an international bunch, we have been asked to contact our agent directly for booking
We are urging you to sign up and place a deposit as soon as possible.

Heather Clifton, MCC
Senior Travel Professional

CruiseExperts Travel
t: 604.737.8100 ext 144 | t: 1.800.565.2784 | f: 604.737.1672

Fill out this PDF FORM and fax or email it to her. She will have details when you call.


This file will download as a zip. Fill out and hit submit at the bottom. You may see the PDF form in your email and it may appear blank. This is normal. If you cc yourself you will see the data in the form.

Please fill out as much as you feel comfortable with.
RSVP to me with this form. Contact Heather (info Above) for booking your room.

How many attending

List ages with commas between i.e. 4,8,9

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  1. Doogs

    Mea Culpa. I have changed what I had not updated, and entered new numbers.

    Please use the pdf form when you are ready to book. Download it, fill out, and hit submit. It should open your mail program and prepare the mail. Do this when your ready to pay, Particularly if booking from Canada.

    I will post more details and options for connecting flights, depart/return parties and get togethers on the way there. The lower form will help all of us do all that.

    I am working to get a booking number from Princess Cruises to put us all, Including Heather on the same page.

    Many Countries of origin,

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