Welcome to your 30 year High School Reunion… Rift Style!

– 7 Inclusive Nights of fun!
– Nothing to do but relax and enjoy each others company!

Hello All!

After discussion with many of you, It has become understood the best way to do this is to lay it out and see what happens.
I had gone and created lots of forms and voting, but after consideration i figured it would be best to “Just do it!”

I chose the Week from July 18 as it covers the actual graduation date of July 20 1985, and is after the major long weekend of the summer and well ahead of Back to school.

Please sign up if you would like to be on a committee to plan events or special meals or entertainment.

Please comment all you can, This is a class of 85 space so lets have fun with it. Other Ideas are most certainly welcome.

Cant wait to see you all!

  1. Stephanie Lynn

    Heya! I have fired off a request for a quote and signed up to come with my son. Really nice site, Andy. Loving the logo. The Facebook account generated some chatter but not a lot transferred here. With the cruise formula how many committees do we really need? And is there some minimum number required? Or are we essentially going once we sign up with the cruise people? Thanks for showing leadership by pulling the site together. Bless you!

  2. Mitch Brown

    Ok, registered!

    I love this plan. Maybe we could do a poll page just to get an idea of who might come?

    When do you think we should pull the trigger on deciding if this is really going to happen?

  3. Doogs

    I think we are committed, I have registered with heather as have others.. I am open to suggestions and ways we can make it happen for everyone. I am certain there will be many events and get togethers. I would like to visit my bucket list this year. I guess my original thinking was a reunion that moved and was “catered” so to speak. Im sure it will be a blast. there is always the way there and the way back..

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